Ajoblanco opens its doors in 2014 and fills the mythical Tuset street with passion and Mediterranean aromas, the epicenter of high leisure in Barcelona. It was a dream come true for Kate Preston and José Lombardero who simply wanted to create the type of restaurant that they would like to have next to home. A place where you can have your favorite tapas, a meeting point where you can drink a good Gintonic and disconnect after work, and a place where dinner is just the delicious start of a night full of fun and good music.

To do this, they decided to offer a menu of Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine, as well as exquisite daily suggestions according to what they found in the market. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, the freshest fish and the best meat. All this accompanied by original cocktails and an extensive wine list. From Kate’s passion for winemaking, Ajoblanco offers the magnificent opportunity to explore the many regions of Spain through its vineyards. A careful selection of wines capable of satisfying all types of palates, trying to give particular emphasis to Catalan vineyards, which offer fantastic organic and natural wines.

Eating or dining at Ajoblanco is to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience in a warm and avant-garde space. The restaurant fuses contemporary design with the spirit of the 70s, radiating a strong personality thanks to a spectacular interior design by Lázaro Rosa – Violán, the creator of the most prestigious environments of the moment worldwide.

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We are proud to source the best products from the Iberian Peninsula. This includes locally grown fruit, vegetables and grain, daily deliveries from the main fish markets in Catalonia, and the tastiest meat from northern Spain.

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Ajoblanco is a Restaurant that belongs to Grupo Lombardo, a family business that has made enthusiasm and passion for Mediterranean Gastronomy the engine of its success. Behind him are Kate Preston and José Lombardero. Both opened their first restaurant in 2003: Taller de Tapas de Sant Josep Oriol. It was in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, the result of their passion for gastronomy and the need to transmit all the new flavors acquired in all the trips made around Spain.